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and Monterey County

a Non-Profit California Corporation

Dedicated to Preserving the Natural Environment and Quality of Life in Del Monte Forest and Peninsula Communities

August, 2005

Dear Concerned Resident


Within the coming months the California Coastal Commissioners will be voting on Pebble Beach Co’s. Measure “A” Initiative and Applications for major construction projects in Del Monte Forest.

Do you want 17,000 trees cut down in Del Monte Forest?

Do you think another commercial golf course and clubhouse
in the residential community is appropriate?

Do you want a new commercial Equestrian Center to be built
on dedicated scenic easements in the Sawmill Gulch area ?

Should the Spanish Bay Resort and The Lodge complexes be expanded?

Do you want 1,200 Monterey Pines and 15 Oak trees cut down
for another golf Driving Range along Congress Rd?

If you are concerned about any of these proposed constructions projects
we urge you to act now!

Please take a few minutes and send a letter with your opinions to:

Charles Lester, Deputy District Director
California Coastal Commission
715 Front St. #300, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

For additional information on any of these proposed projects go to our Web Site,
where you will find details of the pending Applications and our reports on the adverse impact these projects will have on the environment and residential communities in and adjacent to Del
Monte Forest.

With your permission we will post a copy of your letter on our Web Site. Please mail the copy to
Concerned Residents of Pebble Beach and Monterey County, P.O. Box 1229 Pebble Beach,
CA 93953.

Thanks for your help!

s/s s/s
Ted R. Hunter Carl E Nielsen
cc: Steering and Advisory Committees

P.O. BOX 1229, Pebble Beach, CA 93953 •



New Golf Course (the 8th in Del Monte Forest)

A new 18-hole golf course with clubhouse, restaurant, parking lot, underground maintenance facility, and pro shop located between Peter Hay Golf Course and Spyglass Hill Golf Course west of Forest Lake Road, North of Ondulado Road, East of Sombria Lane and Cypress Point Golf Course, in the area of Stevenson Drive. The project will remove the existing historic Equestrian Center and Collins Polo Field on Portola Road. Approximately 9,000 trees will also be removed.

This Application calls for the removal of Bristol Curve (a road between Stevenson Dr. and Forest Lake Rd.), the removal of the section of Stevenson Dr. between Bristol Curve and Forest Lake Road at Ondulado Road and the removal of part of Portola Road to allow for the construction of the new golf course.

Eleven new hotel buildings, called "Golf Cottages" with a total of 24 guest suites are proposed along the 17th fairway of the proposed new golf course near the intersection of Stevenson Drive and Spyglass Hill Road. The Application calls for this 4-acre site to be re-zoned from Medium Density Residential to Visitor Serving Commercial to allow this expansion of commercial operations in a residential area.

New Relocated Equestrian Center

A new equestrian center is proposed in the Sawmill Borrow Site in the area of S.F.B. Morse Drive and Congress Road near the Fifth Gate to the Forest on Holman Highway 68.

This Applications calls for the construction of

    A one-story equestrian clubhouse building

    A two-story dormitory building for children and adult overnight equestrian camps

    A covered arena and stall barn

    Four one-story stall barns and two covered tie-stall barns

    Support buildings, including a hay barn and vehicle storage building

    A one-story single family residence

    A two-story four family resident staff building

    Horse-training facilities including a covered lunge ring, covered Lesson horse corral shelters, and fenced training rings and corrals.

Spanish Bay Resort Area

Major building additions at the Spanish Bay Resort including the construction of two new buildings and modification of existing building for 91 new guestrooms. The Application also calls for additions to the Inn to provide 14,040 sq. ft. of additional meeting room space, the construction of a new 2 level underground garage under the existing tennis courts, renovation of existing tennis facilities, addition to clubhouse and a new children pool.

A new golf driving range, parking lot and building for golf teaching facilities in the Spanish Bay Resort area along the south side of Congress Road.

Four new two-story buildings with 12 employee housing units are proposed at the southwest corner of 17-Mile Drive and Congress Road near the Spanish Bay complex.

The Pebble Beach Lodge Area

Major building additions at The Pebble Beach Lodge including 63 new guestrooms (20 units in a new building, called "The Colton Building", fronting on the south side of the 1st fairway of the golf links and 43 units in a new building complex on the site of the existing "Fairway One House" that will be removed).

Two new underground garages with 149 parking spaces under the new Fairway One buildings and 224 parking spaces under the existing parking area near the gas service station on 17 Mile Dr. near The Lodge. Parking and traffic circulation realignment is proposed in the area north of The Lodge.

Renovation and additions are proposed for meeting rooms and house support rooms at The Lodge. This will involve the addition of approximately 3,750 sq. ft. of new facilities.

Employee Housing at Corporate Yard

Forty-eight clustered employee housing units in eight, new two story buildings near the Pebble Beach Company Corporate Office Area at Haul Road, northeast of the intersection of Sunridge and Lopez Roads.

New Residential Lots: Thirty-three (33) new residential lots are proposed in the following areas:

  • 10 Lots in Area F-2 north of Lopez Road with new access road in area Poppy Hills Golf Course.
  • 4 Lots in Area F-3 west of Sunridge Road, north of Lopez Road with new access road and lots along the 10th Fairway of Poppy Hills Golf Course.
  • 11 Lots in Area I-2 north of Viscaino and Ronda Roads at Lisbon Lane, along south side of Poppy Hills Golf Course.
  • 7 Lots in Area PQR; four of these lots are off Griffin Road near Spruance Road, and three of these lots are south of Sunridge Road near Atajo Way
  • 1 Lot in Area K, south of Stevenson Drive and Spyglass Hill Golf Course near Spyglass Woods Drive.

    Click here to see a MAP of these Residential Lots