Canopy Greenhouse

 A canopy greenhouse is a very common and sensible arrangement. It is best if a door leading from the house directly into the greenhouse, and it's even better if there is also a window between the two rooms. One can leave door or window left open in the winter so heat can penetrate from the house out in the greenhouse, and in summer to the glorious scent of tomatoes can penetrate into the house.

One advantage of the canopy house is that you can save half the cost of a normal greenhouse. The downside is that there are often difficulties with the joining of the greenhouse ceiling and walls of the house wall. In addition, the canopy greenhouse roof has often too small slope, which means that here are both sand and dirt collected.

The best thing about canopy greenhouse is that it acts as a sun trap, and it's nice to work or sit in and helps with the heating of house in the winter.

You do not get as much light radiation from the sky in a detached greenhouse, but the increased heat due to the habitation and it's proximity far outweigh this.

 A canopy greenhouse placed on a south-facing house wall is ideal for the small garden.