September 12, 2003

Thank you, certificated PGTA retirees, for your support as we launch our PGTA-Retired chapter. Reminder: eligibility for membership in our new PGTA-Retired local unit also requires membership in the unified structure of CTA/NEA-R. We have attached their enrollment form for those of you who have not yet joined. Send this form with your check to the CTA address as soon as possible.

Following lunch, the PGTA-R will hold a brief, open meeting of the certificated retiree members to elect officers for the first year and decide on the amount of local annual dues. The PGTA-Retired Bylaws will be presented which includes this purpose: "... shall be dedicated to promoting the well-being of retired, certificated employees of Pacific Grove Unified School District. This shall include protecting medical benefits as provided for by the district; providing social contacts; means for maintaining open and current communication with the school district; and providing opportunities for promoting public education in addition to retirement issues."

The slate of officers is:

President: LaRene Kauffman
Vice-President: Don Luce
Secretary: Bruce Belknap
Treasurer: Shirley Wedlake

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Tinnery at noon on October 4, 2003!

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