16 October 2002

Bruce Belknap
Pebble Beach, CA

Dear Bruce,

Thank you for your letter of August 4th. I have had some good conversations about your efforts to start a Pacific Grove chapter of CTA/NEA-Retired. I wish you well in your efforts.

I'm pleased to tell you that the Board of directors of CTA/NEA-Retired shared your concerns to protect and promote health care benefits. Some of us attend the STRS meetings regularly and have worked hard to achieve the Medicare A payments for those STRS members who otherwise would have no coverage. This is a major benefit to older retirees who did not have the option to participate in the Social Security program and now face increasingly horrendous medical costs. The new minimum pensions and the 1-to-4% ad hoc raises have helped many, too.

I am especially pleased to inform you that it's October meeting the CTA/NEA Board of Directors approved a charter for the Pacific Grove chapter. The approval is contingent upon fulfilling the requirements that I've listed on a separate page for easy duplication to the group.

Finally, if I can be of any help, please let me know. I'll be happy to come visit your group..


/ss/ Ellen Logue



CTA/NEA Board of Directors


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