Summary of recent Newspaper articles on Pebble Beach Co.'s major development plans

Liberation, a French Newspaper
6-20-05 - Liberation, a French newspaper
published on interesting strory on clint Eastwood and the PB Co's plans for rmajor construction projects, including the eighth golf course in Del Monte forest.

CLICK here to read an English translation of "Clint Eastwood Presents The Big Bad Wolf" (on this website)

Sacramento Bee
5-10-05 - Sacramento Bee newspaper story describes the adverse impacts associated with PB Co.'s pending applications for major construction projects in Del Monte Forest.

CLICK here to read the story, "Opponents teed off over Pebble Beach plan" (on this website.)

  • Great Britain's Independent Newspaper
    - Great Britain's newspaper, Independent, provides excellent coverage of the Pebble Beach Co.'s past actions on obtaining voter approval of Measure "A" and Monterey County's approval of their development plans that allows 150 acres of the Forest to be carved up the way they want. Andrew Gumbel's April 22, 2005 story states that the PB C.'s struggle is far from over. He describes main obstacles including the California Coastal Commission and lawsuits.
  • CLICK here to read the April 22, 2005 Independent newspaper story, "Monterey Pine Forest: The golf, the bad and the ugly" (on this website.)

    CLICK here to read the first paragraph only of the April 22, 2005 Independent newspaper story on their web site, (external link).

    Also CLICK here to read theApril 23, 2005 story by Monterey County Herald's Professor Toro, "British Take on Plans for Pebble Beach" on their website, (external link).

  • London Times
    - London Times story covers Eastwood's plan to "fell 17,000 trees" (on this website.)

  • San Jose Mercury News
    - Clint Eastwood's half-billion-dollar baby--a sweeping development plan... in Del Monte Forest is covered in a San Jose Mercury News story today. It is written by Ken McLaughlin in Santa Cruz.

    To read the complete story CLICK here for the March 25 Mercury News story on page 1, "Eastwood-led building plan leads to battle over forest" on their website, (external link)

    Or CLICK here to read this Mercury News article (on this website.)

  • USA Today
    - USA Today newspaper story, "Pebble Beach expansion plan causes outcry" provides comments for, and against, the proposed major construction projects in Del Monte Forest. "We don't object to growth, but there should be a balance between commercial operations and the residential community." "This plan is excessive". . . are the comments of Ted Hunter, the Co-Chair of Concerned Residents of Pebble Beach. Mark Massara, Director of the Sierra Club's California Coastal Programs, said, "We view this as the largest project with the most devastating coastal impacts proposed in decades", and "We're fully committed to ensuring that it doesn't go forward." Alan Williams, the developer managing the PB Co. projects said, "Frankly we're looking past the (Coastal) Commission, to a lawsuit if we have to."

    To read the complete story CLICK here for the March 14 issue of USA Today story on page 3A, "Pebble Beach expansion plan causes outcry" on their website, (external link )

    Or CLICK here to read this USA article (on this website.)

  • Monterey County Herald
    3-15-05 - "Herald's View","Pebble Beach plan should go smoothly" (which was praised by Alan Williams, the developer for Pebble Beach Co. at the public hearing.)

    3-16-05 - Herald story, "Pebble Beach plan approved" following approval by the County Supervisors.

    LosAngeles Times
    - Los AngelesTimes story, "Pebble Beach Plans OKd" by County Supervisors.

    Carmel Pine Cone
    3-16-05 - Carmel Pine Cone story, "Now comes the hard part for P.B. plan
    " describes the major changes planned in Del Monte Forest (external link).