California Coastal Commissioners
C/o California Coastal Commission
725 Front Street, Suite 300
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

April 4, 2006

Dear Commissioners:
Hearing Subject:
Extension of Time Limit for Coastal Commission Action on Proposed Monterey County Local Coastal Program (LCP) Major Amendment Number 1-05 (Measure A)



Please extend the time limit for Major Amendment Number 1-05 (Measure A).

Measure A and all of its ramifications are of great importance to the property owners and residents of the Del Monte Forest as well as the whole of the Monterey Peninsula. To fully explore the issues raised by Measure A the general public as well as the Commission need sufficient time to analyze and react to the Commission staff report.

/ss/                        /ss/
Ted R. Hunter       Carl E. Nielsen

Cc: Charles Lester, Deputy Director

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